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    Actual life hack: pay for tour with student loans

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    Photographer Translates His Nightmares Into Surreal, Haunting Photographs

    by 19-year-old photographer Nicolas Bruno

    I am in LOVE with these.


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  3. Robert Crumb - Cartoonist [1992]



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  4. tomorrow :)

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  5. Today I committed to adopting a cat. His name is Sly.


  7. Gahhhh the moon tonight

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    Blood Moon [gif] stabilized [500x237]

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    Here’s Anna!

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  13. beasleypercussion:

    I actually really liked Gateway’s show this year, really fun.


  14. I just need a moment to brag. Please don’t get mad.

    Everything in my life is going so well right now. I just got home from one of the most amazing band weeks of my life. Though I did have doubts I’m glad I stayed with Gateway for my age out. Hearing more than half of the judging panel cry on our tapes, and seeing veterans cry while giving us a standing ovation was more rewarding than anything else could ever be.
    Seeing good friends that night/morning was nice too.

    I received a call on my way home from Dayton telling me I am being offered a full ride plus some more things to go to school in Tennessee. What a relief this is to not only know how I am going to financially handle my Masters, but to also finally know where I will be moving next semester.

    I’m also feeling the DCI fever already. I’m so hyped about the opportunity to teach this summer.

    I feel so inspired this week. To be a better person, to be more creative, to love more, to worry less. Thank you to everyone that had a part of this. Much love.

  15. The Virgin Suicides, 1999

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